Friday, June 4, 2010

(36) - LOST Finale

Hey guys. I'm really very sorry that I haven't posted in almost two months, and that I left you all hanging with my LOST recaps. I dropped the ball. My apologies. I'm not even sure I can put into words my feelings now that LOST is officially over. I very much enjoyed the finale, and while it did not answer every question, I was satisfied with how they left the show. In the past two weeks since the finale I've been having serious withdrawal, and so to help with that I created a LOST collage in photoshop. Worked on it a few hours each day, and now I'm pretty happy with what I've created. Included are characters and images from all six seasons of LOST. I hope you enjoy and pass it on to whoever else loves LOST. Please click on the image to view the full image. When you click it will take you to Click on the "All Sizes" button to see it in the largest possible format. If you'd like a larger file, please contact me via this blog or twitter or whatever. Enjoy!

Lost Final Project