Thursday, April 17, 2008

High Fives and Sneezes

I'm gonna talk about something a little different today. To get it started though, take a look at this YouTube video.

Now tell me that isn't hilarious. But this brings me to my discussion today. Bogut stepped forward for some high fives, and no one wanted in. What the crap? Who doesn't want a high five, arguably one of the greatest things to ever be invented. Say what you will, but handshakes and pounds have nothing on the solid contact of a good high five. My friend Ryan Burke will back me up on this, as we are possibly the only people left who high five and truly enjoy high fiving.

What does this has to do with sneezing? Nothing, only that I hate when you take the time out of your day to say "Bless you" to someone who has sneezed and then when you sneeze, no one returns the favor to you, including that person who just sneezed. Seriously? Do you really have the worst manners ever?

This just made me realize, I also hate when either people don't hold doors open for you or when you hold the door open and the person you held the door open for doesn't say "Thank you." I realize my friend Todd already blogged about this awful phenomenon earlier in the year, and I can't help but agree. Grow some manners, or I'll slap them into you. Then give you a high five. Out.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Summer Movies

Summer is right around the corner (pun) and the recent warm weather has reminded me as such. With that, I'll give you the summer movies of 2008 that I'm looking forward to (ordered by the date they come out).

5/2 - Iron Man, Son of Rambow
5/9 - Speed Racer
5/16 - The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian
5/22 - Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull
5/23 - War, Inc.
5/30 - The Fist Foot Way

6/6 - Mongol
6/13 - The Happening, The Incredible Hulk
6/20 - Get Smart
6/27 - WALL-E, Wanted

7/2 - Hancock
7/3 - The Wackness
7/11 - Hellboy II: The Golden Army
7/18 - The Dark Knight
7/25 - American Teen, Step Brothers, X-Files 2

8/8 - Pineapple Express
8/15 - Tropic Thunder

Other movies will be coming out obviously, but I omitted them because I do not care for them. If you have questions about what each movie is about, post them in my comments and I'll make a post dedicated to that movie.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Live From San Antonio, It's.....

the FINAL FOUR! So I flew into San Antonio last night, and man did it take forever. My flight from Philadelphia to Atlanta was delayed 1 hour, and then my flight from Atlanta to San Antonio was delayed 3 hours, so it was a loooooooong day. But I'm here, and I'm excited. Year number 7. It's going to be a great year at the Final Four. If you missed it last time, my picks are: UNC over Kansas, UCLA over Memphis, and UNC over UCLA. I'll keep everyone updated.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Denzel Washington to be the next.....

SUPERMAN!!!! This was just confirmed a couple hours ago, but apparently Brandon Routh is out and Denzel is in. This is a pretty weird turn because well, Denzel Washington is black and the character of Superman is white. Not sure how they're going to pull this off.

The main reason for the casting of Denzel has to do with the court's recent decision to take away the rights for Superman from Time Warner and give them to the heirs one of the co-creators of the great comic, Mr. Jerry Siegel. Joanne Siegel, the wife of Jerry, has said it was always Jerry's and Joe Shuster's vision to have Superman be not white, but black. But for fear that the comic would not really take off, at the last second they changed the character to be white. However, now that the rights are back where they belong she is going to create the vision her husband wanted originally.

Titled Man of Steel, look for this movie with Denzel to be released April 1, 2010.