Tuesday, September 15, 2009

(5) - Books Asylum

Recently I've gotten back into two hobbies. The first, reading. I bought a few books before my trip up to Rhode Island, thinking I'd be spending a bunch of time on the beach, I'd be able to read some books. Well I was wrong. I brought up 4 and only got through three-fifths of one. However, I finished that book the day I got back. THE GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO was an excellent read. I had heard good things so I picked it up along with YOUTH IN REVOLT (which I've already blogged briefly about - super dark comedy, but overall a good read), BLOOD MERIDIAN (after reading THE ROAD and NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN I had to pick up this book, which my friend says is a super tough read but the best book he's read), and DORIAN GRAY (my favorite book from college). It started out a bit slow, and in the last 50 or so pages was a tad drawn out, but the book grabs you. It hooked me at about page 50, and I finished it 4 days (600 page book).

I started two days ago THE GIRL WHO PLAYED WITH FIRE, the sequel to TGWTDT. So far so good. Pretty same as last book except we already know the two leads, now we're just getting introduced to the new players.

I also started two days ago my second hobby, and probably my favorite hobby of all-time: video games. I cannot tell you how many hours I've wasted playing video games. But since college ended I haven't really had the time. I played NBA 2k9 with some friends this past year, but that was few and far between. I picked up the game ARKHAM ASYLUM which is absolutely amazing. I got it for PS3, the visuals are stunning and it's a great story. You're Batman in the game and you have to defeat all of his enemies who get loose on Arkham Asylum. I'm about 20% through it and cannot wait to play more. I highly recommend it.

OH. Last thing: this time of the year is my second favorite time for sports (only behind MARCH MADNESS). The NFL season is underway (Jets are looking pretty good so far, I'm excited by Sanchez and the defense - welcome Bart Scott), playoff baseball is in the atmosphere (with the Yanks looking towards a deep run - hopefully), and the NBA is right around the corner, followed closely by NCAA men's basketball. Excited?

Actually, last last thing: Two new albums came out recently. Jay-Z's The Blueprint III and Kid Cudi's new album (the name is escaping me at the moment). Both are extremely good. I've listened to The Blueprint a few times already, and ran through Kid Cudi's this morning (came out today). I would recommend those as well.

So all together now, EVERYONE should buy: The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, Arkham Asylum, The Blueprint III, and Kid Cudi's album.

Do it.

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