Thursday, April 1, 2010

(33) - I Don't Like Secrets

We got a nice Jin and Sun flash sideways story Tuesday night. First let's deal with some past predictions:

  • Sayid and Claire's souls are lost
    • Jury is out on Claire, but Sayid expressed to LockeMonster that he can no longer feel anything. (Sidenote: In one of the more comical moments of last night, look at when Widmore's goons attack LM's camp, when the stinger hits Sayid he falls in the funniest way.)
  • Desmond is behind the double locked door on the sub
    • Boom! The Package! Desmond is speciallllll
I think that's about it. Let's open "The Package." I'm hoping for a short recap tonight. I'm going to Indianapolis tomorrow for the Final Four. I know my buddy Adam needs my blog, and since I won't be able to write it while I'm away, I'm trying to power through it right now. Let's do it!

1. Desmondo is the package-o. Not really a rhyme. But Widmore told Jin he was going to use the "who" to destroy LockeMonster. How? Is Desmond the only one that can "kill" LockeMonster? We know from Faraday that the rules do not apply to Desmond, whatever that means. We know in the season six premiere, he was sitting on a plane with Jack, and then he wasn't. He just disappeared. We know Faraday's mother, Eloise, told him that the Island was not done with him yet. We know Charles Widmore has always thought of Desmond as being unworthy for his glass of scotch, let alone his beloved daughter Penny. DOUBLE-U TEE EFF? Why Desmond? Obviously these questions will be answered. My guess? The Desmond you see is from the alternate universe. "The rules" do not apply to Desmond. These must be the same rules that the little boy was talking about to LockeMonster earlier in the season. He said to LM, "You know the rules. You cannot kill him." Obviously LM wants to prove him wrong: don't tell him what he can't do. Well, since "the rules" do not apply to Desmond, is he able to kill LockeMonster? Yes. 

2. Is Widmore being sincere with Jin? We know him as a piece of shit, evil mofo. What's his endgame in all of this? It can't simply be to just kill LockeMonster and save our universe (he said that if LM were to get off this Island, we would all cease to be). I still think his aim is eternal life. And I still think he will become the new Evil Incarnate. You cannot kill Evil Incarnate. I know above I just said Desmond will be able to kill LockeMonster, and I still think that's true. Remember, LM is just a body. His essence is Evil Incarnate. He'll be able to kill LM but the essence of Evil Incarnate will still exist, and it will take up shop inside of Widmore, where he'll have to try and find another loophole. Happy everlasting life.

3. I want to quickly touch on the sideways Jin and Sun life. Awesome storytelling. Every Jin and Sun story is always an outstanding episode. And no, not much happened by way of Island life, but we got a few answers, and the acting by DDK and YJK (Jin and Sun, respectively) was superb, as always.

4. LM doesn't like secrets. So he sent poor, soulless Sayid on a mission to find out what the package was. With this news I'm sure LM will begin his final phase of whatever plan he has. That obviously involves getting all the candidates together. We know he wants to kill them, he told Jacob this. LM wants to leave the Island. My guess: when there's only one candidate left, Jacob's essence takes over that body. Since there are six candidates left, LM will get them all together and kill them all at once, this way Jacob's essence will have nowhere to go and LM will be free to leave the Island.

5. A wise man once told LM that a war was coming. Who was that wise man? Charles Widmore, in the season five episode "The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham." And it looks like that war is here. But is Widmore on Jacob's side? I am still nowhere near sold on this. I think Widmore is a third party, just looking for his everlasting life. He knows that he will have to take the side of Jacob though. He knows the consequences if LM leaves the Island. He knows that LM is not John Locke, and the rest he's heard from a combination of ghost stories, tales and strange noises in the night. Before he came back to the Island he knew he needed an ace in the hole: the package. Desmond.

6. Zoe needed Jin to go over pockets of electromagnetic energy on the Island. Why? We know Widmore was pissed off she jumped the gun. She brought Jin back early. Too early. His plan wasn't fully ready yet. That's going to bite him in the ass. 

7. LockeMonster lied. The first lie that I can remember. Last week I made it a point that both Jacob and Man in Black spoke in half truths, never lies. But LM lied to Claire. Twice. First she asked if her name was on the cave wall, when in fact it had been. Second she asked if Kate's name was, and he replied no not anymore, when we know it's not crossed out yet. She might not be a candidate, but it is still on the wall/lighthouse wheel. We know LM is a master manipulator, and has manipulated Claire for the past three years on the Island. LM said that he needs Kate to get three more people before he can leave the Island (Jack, Hurley, Sun), and after that "whatever happens happens." AKA, if you decide to kill Kate because she stole your baby, then go for it. I won't stop you again.

8. Sun, relearn English please. Is it aphasia? Or some black smokey magic? Either way, her not being able to speak English will hurt the candidates down the road somehow. Not sure how, but in a time of war she won't be able to write on a tiny fucking notepad, that's all I know.

9. What does that tomato mean???????? Is there hope among the chaos? Last tomato standing?

I think I covered mostly everything. Some predictions!
  • The Desmond that Widmore has labeled as "the package" is in fact the alternate reality Desmond that disappeared off Flight 815
  • The rules do not apply to Desmond, therefore he is able to kill LockeMonster
  • Charles Widmore will become the new Evil Incarnate after Desmond kills LM, the ultimate fuck you to your father-in-law that has literally made your life a living hell
  • LockeMonster aims to eliminate all of the remaining candidates at once so that Jacob's essence cannot claim a body, and therefore he will be free to leave his Hell, the damned Island

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