Friday, March 7, 2008

Lost, The Other Woman

Last night's episode of LOST was a Juliet-centric episode. It was the worst episode of the season, however, that's not to say that the episode was by any means bad. This episode was less LOST as it was more soap opera. Who loves who and who was sleeping with who were some of the major questions last night. We'll get back to that. Even though this was a Juliet-centric episode we got a whole lot of Ben tonight, not that I'm complaining. Let's run down the big parts.

Ben loves Juliet. This was an unexpected twist. I saw it coming throughout the episode but not before this episode. Juliet reminds Ben of "her." Her has to refer to Annie, the little girl from Ben's flashback episode. My guess is that Annie ended up like Henrietta. Ben probably got her pregnant and then she died because of it. Ben then found Juliet and brought her to the island and believes her to be "his." Very melodramatic.

Widmore the Big, Bad Guy. I saw this coming throughout this episode connecting to last episode. I have no doubt he's trying to find the island, but I'm not sure if he wants to exploit his powers like Ben said. This would mean he's the Economist from Sayid's episode, trying to kill Ben. This also ties into the map which I spoke about below.

Ben, Master of the Universe. Ben always, always has a plan. And say what you want about him sending Goodwin out to the tail section, whether it was or wasn't because Goodwin was getting with Juliet, everything he does is for the good of himself and for the good of the island (which I'm sure he sees as an extension of himself). The whole Red Sox tape with Charles Widmore is part of his plan. And he even said it himself, he always has a plan. Harper informed us that Ben is exactly where Ben wants to be. It's just not fair that a guy could be that smart. And he's playing Locke again, he has to be. And poor Locke, you just have to feel bad for him.

Kate's Fugitive Status. Definitely not the reason she stayed at the Other's camp. Kate's pregnant, Sawyer's the dad, and she wanted to know if he wanted the job. Mark it down.

White Cells Depleting and the Immune System turning on the Fetus. Does that even make sense? Hari, my doctor friend, help me out with this one?

Faraday's Map of the Island. Not very in-depth for a company that has a next-generation satellite phone. Since there is no record of the island ever existing, that map must have come from the log of the first mate of the Black Rock which Mr. Widmore purchased at the auction last week. Which would point to Mr. Widmore being the big, bad guy. Check out the map below.The Tempest. The name of the new Dharma station is also the name of a Shakespeare play that featured people shipwrecked on a mysterious island.

Rabbits and Rabbits. Locke served Ben rabbit and Ben asked if the rabbit had a number on it. If you didn't understand that reference, check this video out:

During the above video everyone starts to freak out when a rabbit with the same number appears out of nowhere and everyone wants to make sure the two rabbits don't go near each other. Given last week's episode we can assume that people in the Orchid station are experimenting with time travel or mind-time travel.

Harper and the Whispers. Just so everyone knows, I did not think of this by myself. This is totally borrowed from a senior writer at Entertainment Weekly, but it makes perfect sense, so I'm sharing it. Now that we have the element of time travel, the whispers and people appearing out of nowhere are beginning to make sense. We know time on the island moves 31 minutes slower than outside the island. So, what if the whispers are actually time loops of the outside world catching up to the perceived time of the island.

How do people appear/disappear on the island? Simple of course -- time travel! We never knew that was an element of the show before, but now that we know, it's fairly simple. Harper was definitely not a ghost she was just unstuck in time (term used in Desmond's flashback). The Others are probably using the research from the Orchid station about shifting to transport people in space and time. The problem is that this requires them to apply real time to the island time, so the whispers are the residue of the shift. It's really all quite simple now that we have the element of time travel on the show, and pretty amazing too.

That does it for this week's episode of LOST. Next week is Jin/Sun centric. After that is Michael-centric (so we can guess he'll appear at the end of this next episode). And then that is the last episode for about a month. Keep checking back for more updates.

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