Thursday, April 17, 2008

High Fives and Sneezes

I'm gonna talk about something a little different today. To get it started though, take a look at this YouTube video.

Now tell me that isn't hilarious. But this brings me to my discussion today. Bogut stepped forward for some high fives, and no one wanted in. What the crap? Who doesn't want a high five, arguably one of the greatest things to ever be invented. Say what you will, but handshakes and pounds have nothing on the solid contact of a good high five. My friend Ryan Burke will back me up on this, as we are possibly the only people left who high five and truly enjoy high fiving.

What does this has to do with sneezing? Nothing, only that I hate when you take the time out of your day to say "Bless you" to someone who has sneezed and then when you sneeze, no one returns the favor to you, including that person who just sneezed. Seriously? Do you really have the worst manners ever?

This just made me realize, I also hate when either people don't hold doors open for you or when you hold the door open and the person you held the door open for doesn't say "Thank you." I realize my friend Todd already blogged about this awful phenomenon earlier in the year, and I can't help but agree. Grow some manners, or I'll slap them into you. Then give you a high five. Out.


one of the bens said...

I couldn't agree more about the lost art of the high five (along with your other manner related rants), but I took a little offense to saying you and ryan are the only users left. I enjoy a high fiver like the rest of us and sometimes even get too anxious and hurt my comrade. Sure, I like to throw a pound in there for a quickie, but just make sure to not turn off the fans of the high five while promoting it. Out.

Tom Dioguardi said...

one of the bens, i apologize for leaving you out as one the few who still love high fives, i shall give you a great high five this summer on the tomball court

Ryan said...

That looks like something I would do or maybe I already have done but just forgot. Either way, that move is my stee. Good post.