Sunday, August 30, 2009

(3) - The Death of Hollis Mason

I went to the Yanks game this past Friday. Cano hit a 3-run, walk-off home run in the 10th inning to win the game. It was my third game this year witnessing an extra inning, walk-off home run. So outstanding. That was their 12th walkoff win this year, most since they had 13 in the 70s (the year is escaping me). I'm getting pumped for October.

Finally got around to watching WATCHMEN: DIRECTOR'S CUT this afternoon after I got back from the city. It upsets me that this wasn't the version released in the theaters. Still nowhere near as good as the graphic novel, but wayyyy better than that shit version released in March. One scene made such a difference in the entire movie; the death of Hollis Mason. What an unbelievable scene. This one scene bridges the gap between the Watchmen from the 1940s to the Watchmen of the 1980s. It is simply poetic the way Snyder shoots this scene, interchanging Mason getting beat up to back in his heyday when he was the one doing the beatdowns. The music choice was good too; just a simple score done by Tyler Bates. The music choice throughout the movie really annoyed me (with the exceptions of "Unforgettable" and "The Times They Are a Changin"). It was way over done. But this scene, just perfection.

I also watched the movie GIGANTIC on Saturday, starring Paul Dano and Zooey Deschanel (my girl). A cute romantic dramedy that did not go where I thought it was. I mean ultimately it did, but it took a much different avenue. I really enjoyed it. Zooey, I mean she can do no wrong in my eyes, was great, and the rest of the cast was really good as well.

A little more than halfway done with YOUTH IN REVOLT. I'm just attempting to power through it now. It keeps taking funny turns, I'm enjoying it.

Thus brings my Sunday post to an end.

Just to reiterate, I have no idea what these blog posts will accomplish. No one reads these, but its a nice way of just writing stuff down. I'll post a favorite movies/tv post soon.

Be good.

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