Friday, February 5, 2010

(24) - L to the OST

So the sixth and final season of LOST premiered this past Tuesday, and what a download of information. I think it set up the final season in a great way. I want to write down some of my thoughts, for if they come true, I can say I called it.

1. Locke = Man in Black (Esau?) = Smoke Monster = Enemy of Jacob
God what a great scene. Locke's line: "I'm sorry you had to see my like that." Simply wow. Great delivery on that. I'm still working on this one. Apparently he/it wants to get home, most likely off-Island, which means trouble. First of all, why would anyone want to leave The Island? We've seen what it can do, and SmokeLocke should know this for he's been on The Island for at least 200 years, and most likely a lot more. Second, if Smokey leaves The Island, then what the fuck? I'm sure that spells trouble for something, I'm guessing something to do with that alternate world we saw glimpses of...

2. Alternate World
This one comes straight out of FRINGE, I was half expecting to see William Bell pop up at some point on the plane. There are subtle differences between the world we knew and the world we were introduced to in this episode (they will be presented in WORLD WE KNEW vs ALTERNATE WORLD): flight attendant hands Jack two bottles of alcohol vs one bottle, Jack attempts to calm down Rose vs Rose attempting to calm down Jack, Desmond is on The Island vs Desmond is on the plane...? WAIT?!?

  • Yeah, apparently Desmond made it onto the plane in this alternate world, and he has a wedding ring on (Penny?...Libby...?), but then something funny happened...Desmond disappeared. We were led to believe he went back to his old seat, but I think he actually, physically disappeared off the plane. Remember what Faraday said, the rules DO NOT apply to Desmond. Something is up with him.
  • Kate managed to escape...again. Surprise surprise. Actually the surprise was who helped her escape, sort of (Sawyer in the elevator), and who's cab she hopped in (welcome back Claire).
  • Charlie is alive, although he believes he should have died. Jack to the rescue again....that doesn't seem to have changed.
  • Hurley is the luckiest man alive?? Very interesting, that's a drastic change. This truly proves we are in an alternate world.
  • Boone could not save Shannon, but he would be in Locke's camp had the plane went down. It seems Boone is doomed, as no matter what world you in, you are bound to make the same choices (maybe with different consequences?).
  • Does Sun speak English? And Jin's in some trouble...
  • Locke is still unable to walk. His condition is irreversible he tells Jack. Jack's response: "Nothing's irreversible." The scene they shared in the lost luggage (hmmmm...) department was great stuff.
  • Jack's dad is lost (misplaced?). He either never made it on the plane, or disappeared from the plane. Not quite sure what's up with this. I've read some theories that one of the driving themes behind the show from the beginning was Jack's relationship with his dad, so this has to play into it somehow.
  • This alternate world will collide with the current world at some point, and I have no idea what's going to happen.
3. Current Timeline - Jack and co.
So, Juliet blew up the bomb. There were two consequences from this. The first you just read about, the alternate world. The second was that everyone on the island who was in the past (Jack, Kate, Sawyer, Sayid,  Jin, Miles, Juliet) time traveled back to the future (love that movie, #16 all-time), aka 2008.

  • Juliet was at the bottom of the imploded Swan Station. After working together to get to her ("The Moth" episode...) Sawyer goes down to try and save her. But of course, he is too late. Which sucks, because Juliet was one of my favorite characters. Before dying, she asks Sawyer if he wants to get coffee, riiiight? And her final message? Couldn't say it, because she died. Good thing we have someone who can talk to the dead (Miles) who found out she wanted to say "It worked." What worked you ask? It HAS to be that Juliet was flickering in and out of the current timeline she was in and the alternate world that everything was rebooted to. But I guess we'll find out.
  • Jacob is officially dead, and who does he go see? The other guy who can speak to dead people, although Hurley can actually see them and hold current conversations with them, not like Miles. Jacob reveals himself to Hurley and tells him he must bring Sayid to the Temple so he can be saved, and that he must bring the guitar case Jacob gave to him before he hopped back on the Ajira flight.
  • Hurley, Jack, Jin and Kate head off to the Temple and are abducted within the basement of the walls surrounding the Temple. Sawyer and Miles get abducted in the jungle. Who lives at the Temple? The Others! But now they're good? But according to Ben, they have ALWAYS been the good guys (end of Season 2).
  • The leader of these Others is Dogen who understands English but doesn't like the way it tastes on his tongue (amazing line). So he has Lennon speak for him. He first tells Lennon to order these trespassers dead, until Hurley becomes the leader of this group saying Jacob has sent them and he has proof. In the guitar case is not a guitar, but an Ankh (ahh of course). Apparently Jacob used Ankh's as envelopes because hidden in the Ankh was another one of Jacob's famous lists. And who's on the list? Hurley, Jack, Kate, Sayid, Jin, Miles, Sawyer. So great.
  • The spring used to heal (?) had murky water, not clear water. This presented a problem as the spring could not revive Sayid (like it did to young Ben last year). Sayid is dead.
  • Hurley informs Dogen and Lennon that Jacob is dead which sends them into a panic of fortifying the Temple with ash and alerting the other others who are by the statue where Jacob used to hang out.
  • Sayid comes back to life. Yes, you read that right. He comes back. My prediction: the spring that saves people really takes your personality from another world and transports it into your body. Richard warned Kate and Sawyer last year that there would be consequences to saving young Ben: he would not be the same as his innocence would be lost and he would not remember a thing. My first thought was that Jacob needed to save Sayid in order to inhabit his body. But I'm thinking that's too easy of an option.
4. Current Timeline - Locke and co.

  • Locke requests to see Richard after killing Jacob. Ben tries to deliver this message, albeit in his usual lying ways, but Richard doesn't move. Bram and co. (the good guys from the Ajira flight, minus Ilana) take Ben back into the statue, only to get killed by Locke/Smokey. Bram proved that Smokey cannot cross the ash that he layed out, which is interested. What's the ash made of?
  • Richard shows Ben the real body of Locke, which leaves Ben dumbfounded. He no longer has any answers. Ben is COMPLETELY in the dark, and he hates it.
  • Locke and Ben come out of the statue, and Richard finally realizes what the fuck is going on. He knew last year that something was different about Locke, and now he finally realizes it. Best conversation of the night:
    • Alpert: No no don't shoot him!
    • Locke: Hello Richard, nice to see you out of those chains.
    • Alpert: ...You?
    • Locke: ME. 
      • (Locke kicks the shit out of Alpert in 0.7 seconds).
      • (Locke picks up Alpert over his shoulder and beings to walk -- stops).
      • (Locke walks off into the jungle).
  • Whaaaaaaaaat?!?! So sick. So my guess: Richard was on the Black Rock as a slave, showed great devotion and loyalty to Jacob and Jacob rewarded him with eternal life. I'm assuming Man in Black tested everyone on the Black Rock as a way of proving to Jacob that man was inherently evil, but Richard showed that man can be saved. 
5. Recap
I did NOT expect to write this much. But my main points:

  • Smokey getting off the island would be BAD for this world AND alternate worlds
  • Desmond was off the plane when Jack came back to his seat: the rules DO NOT apply to Desmond
  • New Sayid = Sayid from a different reality
  • Richard was on the black rock and proved that man is inherently good, not inherently evil
    • Going further: This is the basic theme for the entire series, and the producers will prove this position.
  • Jack's relationship with his father is another driving point of the series
Side points I'm predicting right now:
  • Claire and Jack will find out they are step siblings
  • Kate will end up with Sawyer on the island
  • Locke in the current timeline will come back to life at some point
  • This season will be fucking awesome
I'm so fucking LOST, and I love it


Mr. Artz said...

Jack already knows he's Claire's half-brother. Claire's mother told him (indirectly) at his father's funeral.

What I want to know is how Kate managed to get $200 to pay the mechanic. Unless she scammed him.

Like the blog.

Tom Dioguardi said...

Sorry I should have been more specific but I was in a rush to finish. I meant that Claire and Jack would find out they're step-siblings in the alternate world.

I'll be posting my recap on the second episode later this week. There's a lot to digest.

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