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(25) - LOST take 2

So a bit of an underwhelming episode following the awesomeness that was the premiere. But I feel like that has happened nearly every year, maybe it's just me. Let's check on my thoughts from last week that have to do with this past episode.
  • New Sayid = Sayid from different reality.
    • Ok, not what happened. Quite frankly I like what has happened instead. There is a darkness growing inside of Sayid and once it reaches his heart the Sayid we know and love will be dead. More on this later.
  •  Kate will end up with Sawyer on the island
    • This episode did not support this theory at all. The darkness that's growing inside of Sayid seems to also be growing inside of Sawyer. Sayid physically died, Sawyer emotionally died. He's a man on the edge and it looks like he will fall. More on this in my predictions.
That was it, considering we got nothing from the current timeline of Locke, Ben, etc. So let's digest this episode, "What Kate Does."

1. I wish I had thought of this theory, but that's why they pay him the big bucks and I get paid zilch. Jeff Jensen at always posts a looooonnnng LOST recap after every episode. He dives deep into LOST whereas I only skim the surface. If you haven't read his stuff yet, please do, it's outstanding. I was looking at the title "What Kate Does" and thinking that it's a sort-of sequel to the season two episode "What Kate Did," and what she does to stay away from authorities. Kate runs. We've known this since the season one episode "Tabula Rasa." Kate cannot stay in one place for too long, she get's antsy and wants to leave. Kate needs to be free. Jeff Jensen instead digested the episode looking at both timelines and what Kate does in these timelines. Yes, she does run. But then, she stops running, at least for the time being.
  • In timeline 1 (current timeline), Sawyer runs off back to Otherville and Kate tracks him under the guise she will bring him back. Obviously we know this isn't the case (turns out she wanted his help to track Claire). Kate is going back to "check" on Sawyer, Kate is making sure Sawyer is ok, Kate is trying to protect Sawyer. Once Kate gets free from the Others she goes after Sawyer and finds out how heartbroken he actually is. He was going to propose to Juliet, he had the ring and all. Wanting to keep Sawyer distracted she wants him to accompany her to find Claire. Sawyer wants no part of it. Sawyer is dead on the inside (darkness creeping up...).
  • In timeline 2 (alternate world), Kate hijacks Claire's cab (cue deja vu #1 when she sees Jack) and kicks her out making sure to keep her wallet and luggage. Kate manages to get her cuffs off and goes to change with Claire's clothes only to find out the bag is packed with baby things because Claire is pregnant. Also in the bag, a Shamu plush toy. Why is this significant? -- this is the SAME PLUSH TOY Kate gave to Aaron in timeline 1 (cue deja vu #2). So what does Kate do? She goes back to help Claire (it's amazing that she found her honestly). She returns her stuff and wallet (swearing she didn't take any money) and offers her a ride to her destination. Kate then accompanies Claire to the hospital...and stays with her to make sure she is ok! (Claire also covers for Joan Hart aka Kate when the cops come).
  • Jack's last name is Shephard, and through much of the series he has tried to herd the group off the island. He has tried to protect them from smoke monsters and killer, kidnapping Others. Kate's last name is Austen, and she is a shephard. As much as she runs to stay free and run, she wants to make sure those close to her are ok. She will ALWAYS return for her "young." Jack may have a "fixing" complex, but Kate has a "caring" complex. She cares too much, even though she does not want to admit it.
2. So Sayid came back to life. Pretty crazy. Sayid "volunteers" to be tortured by Dogen who performs three tests on Sayid's body. Before the tests Sayid pleads with Dogen saying he "has no information." Hmmm....Very odd indeed.
  • First Dogen blows the same ash that keeps the smoke monster away over his body to see how it reacts. 
  • Second he hooks up Sayid's body to an electric current that needs to be wound up by hand and see how he reacts. 
  • Third he takes a red-hot fire poker and brands Sayid to see how it and he reacts. Lennon (Dogen's translator) lied to Sayid and said he passed and let him go.
What is Dogen looking for?? Signs of the Smoke Monster?? Sayid returns to the main Temple room to see Jack and co. and report to them that he was tortured. Jack, being the caretaker of the group, storms off to question Dogen. The guards let him through which seems odd, but it turns out Dogen and Lennon were expecting Jack (Side Thought: You wake up in a room with one other person who you hate and a door. You believe you have the choice to leave but instead you stick around and annoy that other person knowing he cannot do anything to you. After you've had enough you decide to leave the room only to find that the door had been locked the whole time. Did you ever have a choice to begin with?). Jack always plays right into the hands of the Others. He cannot figure them out...until later in this episode.
    Dogen gives Jack a pill and says that Sayid needs to take this pill on his own accord. He cannot be forced the pill otherwise it won't work. Jack, man of science, demands to know what's in it. Dogen plays Jack by asking him if Sayid being shot was his fault, and how many other lives he risked and lost. "This is your chance to redeem yourself" (or something to that effect). Jack tells Sayid about the pill, and his reponse was that he trusts Jack more than the Others so if Jack tells him to take the pill he will. Jack goes back to Dogen who realizes he did not give the pill to Sayid. He tells Jack to trust him and to give Sayid the pill. Jack finally grows up. "I don't even trust myself" and swallows the pill and calls Dogen's bluff in the process. Dogen leaps to action and makes sure Jack doesn't swallow the pill by making him cough it up and then reveals that it is poison. Whaaaaat?!?! "There is a darkness growing inside of him, and once it reaches his heart, all you know about him will disappear" (or something to that effect). What will happen? "The same thing that happened to your sister." WTF happened to Claire? She was with Christian last we checked?

    3. The end of the episode we have Jin returning to the Temple, or trying to find Sun, when he's abducted by the two Others who accompanied him and Kate. Kate knocked them out so they're both not happy, but one of them (Mac from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia) is about to kill Jin when he gets shot twice in the chest and the other guy gets shot in the knee. Who shot them? CLAIRE. Welcome back to the current timeline Claire.

    4. Those were the three big happenings from "What Kate Does." Predictions!
    • Christian is on the side of Man in Black/Smoke Monster/Locke, whatever side that is.
    • Claire is the new Rousseau. The Island is beginning to go in a loop. Things need to be replaced.
    • Sayid is a Zombie...sort of.  In future episodes he will side with Locke/etc on the side of man is inherently evil. (EDIT: Sayid will become the new Ben. Thoughts??)
    • Sawyer will be the new Richard Alpert. Locke is going to try and persuade Sawyer to join his cause or whatever, and because of how Sawyer is right now he will at first. He is emotionally destroyed and all eaten up inside. But towards the end of the season he will prove Jacob right that there is ALWAYS a choice and will show man is inherently good. In the process Jacob will make him the way he made Alpert.
    That's all for now. I'm tired. Comments!!!!


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