Friday, March 5, 2010

(28) - What If I Told You...

The lines have been drawn. The teams, set. Let's get it on. Previous thoughts/predictions:
  • Teams will be drawn -- Good vs Evil.
    • Check, sorta. Not necessarily Good vs Evil. LockeMonster is now free because Jacob is dead and cannot keep him in check, and he wants to peace the Island, so some people sided with him because they either don't want to die or they want to leave as well. Either way, if they leave the Island, I believe they, along with everyone else, will die. LockeMonster leaving the Island is BAD!
Let's talk about "Sundown"

1. Sayid is evil, or confused. However you want to say it, Sayid is clearly on Team LockeMonster. He drowned Dogen and slit Lennon's throat, dirty. Ben: "Sayid let's go. There's still time." Sayid: "Not for me." Dunzo. The darkness has reached his heart and taken over. Not only did he kill Dogen and Lennon, but when he killed Dogen he unleashed LockeMonster, and so all of the deaths caused by LockeMonster are on Sayid as well. He is a bad mothershutyourmouth.

Alternate World Sayid -- Try as he might, he cannot change. He will ALWAYS be a torturer from the Republican Guard. He will never escape that. He's tried to for 12 years unsuccessfully, and that is why he says he cannot be with the love of his life, Nadia (ps. does anyone really believe Sayid translated contracts for oil companies? Nah). Also, awesome cameo by Keamy and Omar in this alternate world. After Sayid kills them, he finds Jin tied up in the fridge. Huh? Last time we saw Jin he was being taken away by customs. So what happened? Was Keamy the person he had to deliver the watch to? Hmmmm.

So last week we see an episode where Jack finally takes the humble road, realizes his faults and accepts them, and begins to move on. This week, we see a man who cannot move on from the past. He is stuck there, trapped. Maybe that is why the darkness was able to take him over so quickly. He will always be stuck in the past. Whereas Jack was and is willing to change and has forgiven himself, Sayid, try as he might, will never be able to because he will never be able to forgive himself.

2. So who is good, who is evil? Is it all relative to individual people, or are there specific sides? I'm still not sure. But this is what we know: To serve Jacob, you must give up a whole lot. See Dogen's story: Celebrated, got drunk, picked up his son from baseball practice, had accident where son was severely injured, made deal with Jacob to heal his son. The deal: serve Jacob on the Island forever, never see his son again. So when is a baseball not a baseball? When it belongs to and reminds you of the son you almost killed.

On the flip side, to serve LockeMonster, he says he will give you what you want the most; your heart's desire. Claire -- her baby. Sayid -- his love, Nadia. Sawyer -- Juliet? We're not sure about this yet. But it seems LockeMonster's deal seems to be better on the surface, but my gut is telling me this just ain't true. These deals are messed up, he won't keep them, something will go wrong if these deals were to happen. Dogen says LockeMonster is Evil Incarnate, which is pretty trippy. Reminds me of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. You can never kill Evil Incarnate, it will always be around. Jacob is needed to keep LockeMonster in check. Without Jacob, Evil Incarnate is free and can apparently leave the Island and go home. We still don't know where home is, but he wants to go there. And if he gets there, that's it. That's the end.

Speaking of trying to kill him, the knife Dogen gave Sayid to kill LockeMonster, I guarantee that is a special knife. I'm not sure what, but I think it will be explained towards the end of the series. Also, did Dogen think LockeMonster would try and kill Sayid? I say no. I think he thought the knife would work, why? Claire came in with a message that LM wanted to see Dogen. Dogen balked at that idea, knowing he'd just die. Claire's response: "So send someone he won't kill." Dogen immediately sends for Shephard and Reyes, both of whom peaced out a few hours ago. So he asks for Sayid, the last remaining candidate. Dogen truly believed the knife would work, but it didn't, and I'm sure Dogen was confused as hell. Then LM plays mind games with Sayid, yada yada yada, I just explained what follows in the above.

3. Watch out Kate. Claire is going to kill your face off. How creepy was Claire singing "Catch a falling star?" Loved it. That's it for this point, no idea what's going to happen.

4. Kate walking out with Team LockeMonster at the end. Hmmm. LM clearly eyed her up and down. What's he thinking? Kate will now be reunited with Sawyer and help him pull of the Long Con. My thoughts at least.

5. Illana, Lupidis, Miles and Sun were able to escape. Where did Ben go? He went to grab Sayid but after that was a lost cause, he just disappeared.

That's it for this recap. I posted it quickly for my buddy Adam. Rough week where I wasn't able to post it yesterday. I'll be back on par next week. Thoughts!

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