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(31) - The Name's Ford

Sawyer really has turned into such a dynamic character. Through season one I wasn't quite sure what to make of him, but he's really had a great character arc. After season five I figured season six would be rebooted to the beginning, bringing our favorite LOST characters full circle. That's not really happened. They haven't come full circle but it's more like they're coming 180 degrees around. First some past predictions that had to do with this episode.

  • Sawyer is pulling the ultimate Long Con
    • Hmm. I mean, he sort of is, but not the way I want him to. I want him to turn on LockeMonster at the end, and be like, yeah, I am the greatest liar ever, I just OWNED you. Now that's not looking like it will happen. Sawyer seems to be playing every side possible. Being truthful to both LockeMonster and Widmore, he's just looking for a diversion so he can take the sub off this Island. More on this later.
  • The Island is special and needs to be protected from LockeMonster
    • LM himself touched on this. He said all he wants to do is leave. I believe him. But I believe he knows that if he leaves the Island something bad will happen. Whether it's this universe ceases to exist, or all universes cease to exist, something will happen. He's aware of it. It's kill or be killed he said, and he doesn't want to be killed.
Ok, let's do some "Recon"

1. Recon
This episode was a filler episode. Not much happened. Not much was revealed. We already knew Widmore was at the Island. We still don't know why. We already knew LM wanted to leave the Island to get home. Still not sure on all of the reasons or the consequences. We knew Claire wanted to kill Kate. We knew Sayid is basically a zombie. We knew pretty much everything that went on. We were left to do some "recon" to figure out exactly how LOST will finish up. We were supposed to pick up clues along the way. Some that I caught:
  • Sawyer both begins and ends the episode with the words "Son of a Bitch" (more later)
  • Who/what killed all the people on the Ajira flight?
  • What/who is in the locked door on the sub?
  • Miles and Sawyer will always be partners, no matter the universe
  • Is Other Locke aware that Anthony Cooper is a con man/grifter/bad guy? Why is he still invited to the wedding?
  • Miles and his dad (Dr. Pierre Chang/Marvin Candle/Edgar Halliwax/Mark Wickmund) have a good relationship
  • Who is Miles's girlfriend? Juliet? Hmmm
  • LockeMonster is the master manipulator (more on this later)
  • James Ford (Other Sawyer) is an awful con man whereas Island Sawyer is the best liar LockeMonster has ever seen (stretch much? CON - more later)
If I'm missing anything please post some comments.

2. Re-Con
So does this mean that we're witnessing a con that's already taken place? This episode totally messed with my head. Who is doing the conning? Who is aware of what exactly is going on? How many LONG CONS are actually going on? LOST is the master chess game, but with like more than just two players (LockeMonster, Jacob, Widmore, Sawyer, Jack?). Let's run through all the cons from last night quickly.

  • Island Sawyer conning LockeMonster
    • LONG CON
  • Island Sawyer conning Widmore
    • Not sure how this is going to turn out. A massive fight definitely, but we'll see. Does Sawyer know as much as he says, or is Widmore right, and he really has no idea what's going on? Widmore was definitely taken aback that Sawyer knew LockeMonster wasn't actually John Locke. Maybe there's more going on...
  • LockeMonster conning Island Sawyer
    • He knew that Widmore was on the Island and sent Sawyer over there on a recon mission to see the Ajira passengers. Sending Sawyer a message? Mess with me and I'll kill you. Did LM kill the Ajira passengers? I'm going to go out on a limb and say no. I still don't think LM can smokey his way over to that Island, and quite frankly there hasn't been enough time in the timeline to do so. So if it wasn't Widmore, who or what was it?
    • Does LM ever intend to let Island Sawyer go? Like I said, I think LM knows the consequences of his actions, and Sawyer is just a means to an end. He is evil incarnate.
  • LockeMonster conning Kate
    • The ol' send Sawyer on a mission, let Claire attempt to kill Kate so you can break up the fight, get Kate alone and reveal tiny bits and pieces about yourself so she'll side with you con. Classic. And LM pulled it off too. Almost. Kate doesn't trust him -- yet. She's still getting her feet wet. She wouldn't accept his hand when he offered to pull him up, so he had to dig a little deeper and talk about his mother, who was crazy. Now Claire is crazy he says and Aaron is going to have a crazy mother. Con you ask? Kate, you have to kill Claire, she isn't fit to care for her child.
  • LockeMonster conning Claire
    • He needed to give her something to keep living? Eh, probably. I still don't know what exactly happened with Claire. She was zombified, ala Sayid. But I still don't really understand that. She's a nutjob.
3. Island Sawyer does not go by the name Sawyer. He goes by his actual name: James Ford. He became a cop simply as a means to end: find Anthony Cooper, and kill him. He revealed this to Miles, his partner, right before Kate literally crashed into him. Hmmm, coincidence? Let's digest this. James Ford is a shitty con man, everyone knows his tells. From the girl he slept with in the beginning, to Miles knowing he's lying, to Charlotte, to himself. He finally realizes he's done trying to play himself. He wants to give up, he practically begs Miles at the end to stop him. That's why he comes clean. He wants to change. And there it is, another story of a character willing to change. Jack wants and is trying to change, Sawyer wants to change but isn't quite sure how to, Ben is willing to change his ways, Other World Locke was willing to change, Kate can't change but that seems like it's a good thing (I don't mean her running, I mean how she cares for people. Bitch has to learn to sit still). Sayid cannot change, he will always be haunted by his past. So far the people who are willing/want to change seem to be on Jacob's side and the people who cannot change are on LockeMonster's side (in my head at least, I know right now Sawyer and Kate are literally on LM's side, but that seems like it will change. LM is a means to an end for Sawyer.). Sawyer takes a look at himself in the mirror after Miles dumps him as a partner, and smashes the mirror rejecting seeing what he is quickly becoming: the Island version of himself. He doesn't want that. He doesn't want to be alone. 

So James Ford is willing to change, and then BAM, Kate comes crashing into him. There's zero chance this is a coincidence. Does this mean even though Sawyer will try and change he'll never be able to? Does this mean that Sawyer wants to change but he cannot because of Kate? Or does this mean he is destined to be with Kate? I'm not sure what it means. But I do know this. He catches Kate, pins her up against the wall ala when he pinned her against the cages at Hydra Station before going to town on her, takes off her hat and hood, recognizes her from the airport (EDIT: quick thought -- James Ford is a cop. Why does he let Kate go in the airport? He clearly knows what the code was that airport security said was classified. This doesn't make much sense, but maybe it does? Their connection? I have no idea), and says "Son of a bitch." The same thing Sawyer says on the Island in the beginning of the episode when he burns himself in Claire's creepy home. This also cannot be a coincidence. There has to be a literal "son of a bitch." Well there doesn't have to be, but I feel like there ought to be. So who could this "son of a bitch" be? LockeMonster? We know he said his mom was crazy, so that's a possibility. Jacob? We don't know his backstory? Widmore? We don't know his mom. There's a theory by Doc Jensen that LockeMonster is made up of all of the souls from the Island but that there are two drivers to this force, and those two drivers are Faraday and Juliet. I can't go into specifics because quite frankly I don't understand it, but that is a very interesting idea. The "son of a bitch" could be Faraday, his mom was freaking crazy. She knew she was going to kill him back when he was like nine, and still had to let it play out. And then that can lead to this...

4. And behind door number two is.....? Well it's locked. It's actually double locked. So whatever is behind that double locked door on the sub HAS to be of importance, otherwise they wouldn't have mentioned it. First thing is, I think it's not a what behind the door, but a who. Widmore brought someone to the Island of much importance. Following on the theory above from Doc Jensen, IF LockeMonster has some sort of Faraday incarnation inside of him, then the person inside door number two is Theresa Spencer, Faraday's girlfriend and lab assistant who was in a terrible accident and almost died, had it not been for, ding ding ding, Charles Widmore. Widmore, on his own dime, kept Theresa alive for years after her accident, and we never found out why. Could this be why? Widmore knows how to defeat LM/Faraday and Theresa Spencer is the answer? I really like that theory a lot. My only problem with it: who the hell remembers Theresa Spencer? That'd be a weak way to bring down LM.

My guess as to who is behind door number two: Desmond Hume. Remember, the rules do not apply to Desmond. He is special. Faraday told us this much. Widmore knows this, and he has Hume locked in that room and he's waiting to let him go. How can Desmond stop LM? Zero idea. But I like this thought, for now.

5. Predictions!
  • Desmond is in the double locked door
  • Next week it looks like we're going to be given a boatload of answers with a Richard back story, color me excited. It's titled "Ab Aeterno" which translates to "from the beginning of time." Yes sir.

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