Monday, October 12, 2009

(12) - Sweep is in the Air

....Three sweeps? Three?? THREE?!?!?!? When did the Division League Series become "easy?" The Yankees sweep was expected. But the Angels and Dodgers sweeping their respective opponents? Many people thought the Angels wouldn't even win the series, let alone sweep the team that had owned them on previous occasions. And the Dodgers/Cardinals was supposed to be a toss up series. The Cardinals had the best 1-2 punch in the playoffs, and they lost both of those games and then lost game 3 easily (granted Game w they should have won - see "Unscripted"). The Phillies/Rockies series is the only one that went past three games (Philly currently leads 2-1, with Game 4 being played right now).

For the LCS, here are the matchups:
American League
Angels vs Yankees - Game 1 Friday 10/16 at Yankee Stadium

National League
Phillies/Rockies vs Dodgers - Game 1 Thursday 10/15 at Dodger Stadium

My Series Predictions (because they were so correct for the LDS...):
American League
Yankees over Angles 4-2
Split the first four games, Yanks winning Games 1 & 3. CC wins on the road and Burnett closes it out at home.

National League
Dodgers over Phillies (my pick over Rockies) 4-3
Dodgers are coming into their own. Bullpen is pitching as well as they have all year, and they're offensive power is coming back.

We shall see, hopefully there are no sweeps, unless it's the Yanks who sweep...


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