Thursday, October 8, 2009

(8) - Peanuts and Beer

That's what October baseball is about! Welcome to the 2009 Postseason. It kicked off yesterday with a triple-header and the home teams winning each game: Phillies, Yankees & Dodgers. I was at the Yankees game last night despite my sickness and rooted them in. It's no secret I'm a Yankees fan, but I feel like I'm unbiased when it comes to sports. I love my team but I'm a realist. The following are my predictions:

National League
Phillies vs Rockies - Phillies in 4
I think the Phillies win game 2 with Hammels, and the Rockies squeeze game 3 at home. But that's it. They had a nice run, but this isn't 2007. Cliff Lee is a huge addition.

Dodgers vs Cardinals - Dodgers in 5
The Dodgers were my pick to win the National League from the beginning of the year. Not the same team as then, but I think they beat the Cardinals here. It'll be tough, considering the 1-2 punch for St. Louis is unbelievable, but they win games 1-3-5 to take the series, beating Carpenter and Wainwright once each.

American League
Red Sox vs Angels - Red Sox in 5
Angels make it closer this year with a better offensive lineup, but the Red Sox power pitchers will get them through. Beckett and Lester prove to be too much in a 5 game series, as they finish off the Angels for a third consecutive year.

Yankees vs Twins - Yankees in 3
I'm not biased I swear, the Twins just don't have enough left in the tank to compete. They don't have power pitchers and the Yanks lineup is too good from 1-9. Burnett pitches well in game 2 and Pettite closes it out in game 3. Arod breaks out of postseason slump with 5 RBIs.

Phillies vs Dodgers - Dodgers in 7
This will be a great rematch of last year, with a better Dodgers team and arguably the best bullpen in the playoffs, I pick the Dodgers in 7. Lee and Hammels are a tough duo, but it's tough for a duo to win a best of 7. Manny breaks out of his slump, and with the lineup better than a year previous, and the guidance of Torre who has been here before, I pick the Dodgers. They'll shorten the games to 6 innings and the bullpen will close it out.

Red Sox vs Yankees - Yankees in 6
Every game will be close in this series, with the Yanks closing it out in Boston. The Red Sox are built for the postseason, and their lineup is better than most people think. But the Yankees get rid of their current ghosts and continue on. Arod continues his resurgence with CC and Burnett winning big games at home, and Joba winning game 4 at Boston. They'll close it out in 6 with a statement win.

World Series
Dodgers vs Yankees - Yankees in 6
Torre vs Yankees. What a showdown. I think the Yankees are too powerful for the Dodgers. With the bullpens basically a draw (Dodgers with a small advantage), the Yanks have better starting pitching (with a good Burnett), and a better lineup. Dodgers will steal game 2 from Burnett, with the Yanks winning games 3 and 5 in LA (Pettite and CC, respectively). Burnett will close it out at home with a gem, and Mo closing the game for another Yankees championship.

Will it work out this way? Most likely not. But this is what I truly believe. I'm a realist, and I really think the Yankees have the best chance of winning. But October baseball is anything but normal. I'm ready for a wild ride.

Are you?! (Interrobang)

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