Friday, February 29, 2008

Back with LOST

So I'm sorry about the delay in posts -- Midterms have been pretty awful. But they're pretty much over, so I can get back to doing the fun stuff. On with LOST.

Sorry I didn't get to give you my feedback on last week's Kate-centric episode Eggtown (best of the season so far?). I won't go in-depth because I have to break this week's episode down, but let's go over the major points.

I told you about Aaron! I forewarned you that Kate would be taking care of Claire's baby. This could mean that Claire is still on the island in the future with the other survivors, but more likely that she suffered the same fate as Charlie, Boone, Shannon, Libby, Eko and Ana Lucia. We should assume that Aaron does not count as one of the Oceanic Six, so there is still two more "survivors" we need to find.

Why didn't Jack want to see Aaron? It's his nephew, what's the catch? Kate obviously wanted him to come back to the house, but Jack is scared. Speaking of Jack, what a story of how they survived the crash. 8 survivors, and Kate helped a bunch of them live when they crashed. So Claire must be one of the two that survived the crash but didn't survive the island, my guess for the second is Sun (suffering the same fate -- having a baby but then "dying"). And Jack still loves Kate, of course.

Miles is trying to blackmail Ben for $3.2 million dollars -- why?? The ghostbuster apparently doesn't have allegiance to the economist and is willing to switch to Ben's side. Also, why $3.2 million? Why not $3 or $5 million? We'll figure that out eventually. I love what Locke did to Miles after he found him with Kate. Every action has its consequence, and Miles had to snack on a grenade.

Now for the new episode of LOST that aired last night, the Desmond-centric The Constant (best of the season so far? - see the running theme with my posts?)

Whoaaaaaaaaa! So we had flashbacks.....flashforwards....that was supposed to be it. But with Desmond we can have....mind-time travelling. Leave it to the creators to give us a third option to confuse us, but man do we love it. Let's break it down.

Desmond is easily one of my favorite characters on the show (I'm going to do a post on my favorite LOST characters another time), however, Daniel Faraday has quickly cemented himself up there. He is just awesome. He understands all that is the island. We'll get into him in a second.

Desmond's conscious can time travel. This episode he kept going back and forth between 1996 and 2004 and if he couldn't stop it he would meet the same fate as Eloise the lab rat and Minkowski -- his brain would overload, short circuit, and he would die. Faraday, who we find out knows all about mind time-traveling, tells Desmond that he must find a constant; something that he cares deeply about in both time periods that he can latch onto: Penny.

Faraday is amazing. Simply put. Easily my favorite of the new comers and quickly climbing the charts. He gets the island, he really, really gets it. However his mind is obviously not all there. But he knows what's going on with the island. I'm going to come back to him at the end.

Charles Widmore, Penny's dad, won an auction that featured the manifest of the first mate of The Black Rock, the ship marooned on the island with the castaways. The first mate also happened to be a member of the Hanso family. And as we know Alvar Hanso made the Hanso Foundation which was on the lost island, until Ben came along. This shows us that there are definite ties between Widmore Industries and the Hanso Foundation.

Desmond, after seeking out Mr. Widmore, get's Penny's address and goes to see her. This is after he broke up with her so she's not very happy to see him. Desmond explains to her that even though its crazy, in 8 years, he's going to call her and she must pick up. With time running out in the present, Desmond comes back with Penny's number in hand, just as Sayid repairs the phone in the radio room. Desmond calls Penny, and after a while (a long while), Penny picks up. They say they love each other and that no matter what they'll find each other. It really was a good LOST moment.

Ben's man on the boat probably sabotaged the radio room, and he definitely let the guys out of the locked hospital room. Who is this man? Well, it's Michael, let's be serious. Frank needed to go on heading 305 degrees, on Eko's stick it said North 305, and Ben told Michael to go on heading 305 in order to leave the island....that should solidify that Michael is the man on the boat. And what a man he is.

Back to Faraday, he is flipping through his journal at the end of the episode, and he comes to a page that says, "If anything goes wrong, Desmond Hume is my constant." So it's safe to assume that Faraday, like Desmond, can mind time travel. My guess is that he made himself a guinea pig back at Oxford after Eloise's experiment worked. This makes sense with regards to other items as well, such as:

When Faraday first dropped on the island what did he have on him? Oh yeah, a picture of Desmond and Penny. Funny, considering the freighter is NOT Penny's. How'd he come across this picture, and why does he have it? Because Desmond is his constant.

Also in the same episode, Faraday's flashback has him crying as they're discovering the Oceanic 815 flight wreckage. His caretaker asks him why he's crying, and he says he doesn't know. Now I originally said he had made some calculations as to how to find the island, and those were the co-oridnates he gave his people, and they found the flight wreck instead. But now I'm going to say this: his mind has been to the future and he knows that they survive. He meets Desmond in 2004. He knows that there should not be flight wreckage, yet he doesn't really know...if that makes sense. It's like a gut feeling when you know something isn't right even though all the evidence points against you're feeling.

That's it for this week's breakdown. Next week we have a Juliet-centric episode. Keep checking back everyday as I continue to catch up on my blog posting.

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