Friday, February 15, 2008

Sayid, You Mothaf*$%er

I have no idea what Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse have been drinking, but damn I want some of it. Their creative genius has been off the charts outstanding this year. Three stellar episodes this year so far. It's clear the genius that was behind the first season of this show has been back now for a number of episodes (dating back to last year), and this episode was no different. In fact I would go so far as to say last night's episode was one of the best of the series, and that's saying something, because I've said that about every episode this year so far. Let's break it down.

Last night was Sayid's flashforward and it's revealed that he is also one of the Oceanic Six. We see him enjoying a nice morning round of golf when a stranger approaches to him and makes a friendly wager with him. Sayid agrees and continues to explain to the man very casually that he is a member of the Oceanic Six. The man is visibly startled about this and upset, takes his swing (wins) and then attempts to leave without taking the payment. Sayid doesn't let this happen, as it turns out the payment was to shoot the man dead. Bam! What a way to open it.

Next we see Sayid in a coffee shop in Berlin ask a woman for directions. The woman seems to remember Sayid from somewhere but can't place it. He tells her that he's a headhunter (corporate recruiter) and she tells him she is the assistant to an economist. They arrange to go on a date and take it from there. He leaves the coffee shop and calls his employer saying he made contact, then drops the phone in the garbage (Alias anyone??).

They're next preparing to go to the opera and she tells him she's not going to take her beeper which is the way her employer reaches her. He's in town about twice a year and she's supposed to be at his side immediately if he beeps her (they're either not very technological or they don't want to be contacted/found). Sayid says that he'll take the beeper, and justifies it by saying she shouldn't be fired because of him. So we know now for a fact that Sayid is just with her to get after her boss.

The next flashforward we see them in bed, presumably after sex, and she's complaining that she doesn't know anything about him. She wants to know what he's up to now and doesn't care about the plane crash and whatnot. She tells him she loves him, and he reciprocates the feeling. Then her beeper goes off. She gets up in a hurry and says she has to go. Sayid gets up and tells her that she has to leave Berlin, saying that he doesn't want her in danger after what he does to her boss. He says her boss is on a list (another list, more on that on the bottom) and that he's going to kill him. She gets visibly upset, saying is that all you do, kill people without see who they are and how good they can be. Sayid says her employer is not a good person. She comes back from the bathroom and shoots Sayid in the shoulder. BAM! She asks who he works for and he says nothing. She calls her employer saying that he won't talk and that she didn't kill him and that she's going to bring Sayid to him. Sayid sees his gun in his jacket and distracts her, then gets her gun and pops two in her chest, shes dead. DAMN! Plus, she has the same bracelet on that Naomi had on. Say whaaaa? Check on that below.

In the last flashforward we see Sayid getting his bullet pulled out by his employer. He asks if the other employer, the economist, found out who he was working for and Sayid said definitely not. We then see his employer is none other than the great Benjamin Linus. He tells Sayid he has another name on the list for him to go after. Sayid says now they know they're going after them, and Ben says, "GOOD!" Wowowowowoowowowoow!!! Let's put all this on hold for a second and check what's going back on the island.

Another list. There's the Oceanic 815 Flight Manifest List. Jacob's List (which we don't understand yet). The list of people Michael needs to bring back to get Walt back. Interesting.

Disappearing cabin. Locke can't find it. Hurley ran into it twice in two different places. What is up?

Ben's secret closet. Had a bunch of clothes and tons of foreign currency and tons of passports. So all of this, plus the photo that the boat people had on them tells me two things: 1. Ben is a liar (which we knew), and 2. Ben has been going off the island secretly without anyone knowing. How?? Another piece of Ben Linus falls into place.

Faraday's experiment with the payload. Awesome. Something tells me Faraday understands a lot about the island. He just gets it. Doesn't have a specific connection with the island, but he understands it scientifically. With the experiment though, time on the island runs slower than in real life. 31 minutes slower to be precise. That's freaky. So the gang has been on the island for 100 days but in real time it's much more than that (I'm not good at math).

Bracelets. Naomi had one, and now Elsa had one. Both people were hired to find Benjamin Linus. Coincidence??? Not on this show.

R.G. The inscription on the bracelet had those initials. Who could that be? We've been hearing the name Regina a lot. She's the voice on the other end of the phone. The actress that plays her is Zoe Bell, a former stunt double. I doubt they would have her on the show just so she could provide a voice. We'll be seeing more of her later on, and maybe those are her initials.

Staying the course. Faraday told Frank to not go off the route that they came in. Stay the same bearing back to the boat. Faraday knows shiz about this island. And could this be the same bearing 325 Ben told Michael at the end of season 2?? We'll have to wait and find out.

Oceanic Six. Who are the other two members? So far we have Jack, Kate, Hurley and Sayid. I've heard a lot of rumors online. I'm staking my claim. I did not come up with this so I can't take credit. I'm saying the other two are Jin and Sun. And Ben is definitely not a member.

Sawyer playing house. Pretty much sort of proposed to Kate right there. He's staying on the island and wants to play house with Kate. That's love baby.

Ben. Such an evil piece of work. But I love it. He survives the island and the boat people, and is going after the bossman. Love him.

Kate flashforward. We'll find out who the "he" is she referred to in the season 3 finale. I think I know the answer, but I won't post it. I'll post an asterisk quiz. ******'s ***** *****.

Love this freaking show.

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