Monday, February 4, 2008

Super Weekend

Wow what a weekend. I haven't been able to post individual articles just because I've been very busy, so I've decided to mush it all into one post dealing with different topics. First off, Lost.

How good was the premiere episode? Easily worthy of following the stellar season 3 finale, this episode really got us thinking again in new ways. The past and the present aren't everything anymore. Now the future has to be reckoned with as well. This week we got a Hurley-centric episode with him in the future and it was pretty revealing. When I say revealing I use that word lightly because on Lost with everything that's answered we get 10 more questions to think about, which is exactly what happened. What we saw: Hurley reveal he's one of the "Oceanic Six," another Hurley and Charlie scene (maybe the last), Jack's father in Jacob's chair, creepy guy stare at Hurley through Jacob's window, Hurley make Jacob's cabin disappear, Deputy Commissioner Daniels from The Wire talk to Hurley about the other survivors, Locke and Jack state their positions very clearly about the rescue boat, Hurley and Jack disagreeing in a mental institution, Hurley not siding with Jack on the island, the survivors split into two camps led by Jack and Locke, Charlie telling Hurley he needs to help the other survivors. I thought the episode belongs in the same group as the season 3 finale as one of the best episodes of the series, and this just makes me even more excited that Lost is back (albeit for only 7 more episodes...)

Friday Night Lights had another great episode on Friday. This show is up there with Lost and The Wire as shows you should be watching right now. Superbly written and acted, this show was never about the football but rather the relationships between the community and how football relates to all of them. Next week is the "season finale" due to the writer's strike so that gives you plenty of time to catch up on season 2 if you haven't been watching (or season 1 for that fact, go out and rent it).

The Writer's Strike had an interesting rumor floating around Sunday, saying that a deal was imminent and that both sides only had small issues to resolve on Monday. Good news for all Movie and TV fans obviously. Then this morning came a letter from the president of the WGA saying that they are still in talks to resolve the issue but that everyone should be back to picketing on Monday. Not good news for all Movie and TV fans. I feel like they're closer to a deal but still a couple weeks off (either in time to write the Oscars or they'll make an exception to write the Oscars and then during it will announce the deal).

The Super Bowl was outstanding. The game through the first three quarters was pretty good, a defensive stalemate at best. Then came the fourth quarter and the 3 lead changes. The Giants finally scored a TD with 11:05 left to take the lead 10-7. The Patriots, doing what they do best, marched down the field and scored with a little over 3 minutes left, taking the lead 14-10. That was the game, right there. No way Eli Manning was going to have a winning drive against the 18-0 Patriots, soon to be 19-0 (Peyton could do it, but not Eli). And then something amazing happened: he did. Eli led the Giants down the field against the 4th best scoring defense in the league and scored when no one thought they could. Appropriate because no one thought they could win the game at all. Highlighted on that drive was when Eli spun, ducked, sidestepped and ran away from 2, maybe 3 sure sacks, and threw and 30 yard pass to David Tyree with just under a minute left, who caught the ball and the bobbled it but pinned it against his helmet and then caught it, falling down with 2 guys on him, I mean, you can't make this stuff up. That was such an unbelievable play. But still I didn't believe they could do the impossible. Then they did. And I was the happiest I've ever been on Superbowl Sunday. I'm a Jets fan. The Giants I hate. The Patriots I hate. But, the Patriots had the chance to go perfect. And I did not want that. Oh yeah, and what about Bill Belichick? Running off the field with a second left, Tom Brady following. What gracious losers. Are you f*cking serious?!!? I sort of felt bad for them, coming all this way and then losing at the last minute, and then that happened, and I didn't care for them at all anymore. Sore f*cking losers.

So that was my weekend. And on top of that I got my car washed. So all in all, good freakin weekend.


Anonymous said...

What is this poor editing? The sore loser ran off the field with only a second left. Still bad form though. Also, did anyone notice the bengals jersey they showed right before the giants made that winning drive. Definate omen. Bengals, '09 superbowl champs.

The Bod said...

Yo, have you ever heard of the movie Wall-E coming out. He's such a fraud.