Thursday, February 7, 2008

Lost and Others

Second Lost is on tonight, titled "Confirmed Dead." Tonight features the flashbacks of the 5 boat people who are supposed to be there to rescue the Losties, but I'm pretty sure that won't be happening anytime soon. As good as the premiere was I'm hearing that this episode is much better, which is exciting. "The Other 48 Days" is a similar episode to this one, as we get a back-story from people we haven't yet seen on screen. Should be lots of fun.

Unfortunately I'm missing tonight's episode, but I will be watching it tomorrow afternoon (or later tonight if I'm up for it), and will be posting my reactions after that.

Also on this weekend:

The season finale of Friday Night Lights which could end up being the series finale, as awful as that sounds. I'm hearing rumors of a pregnancy scare that no one sees coming. Hopefully the NBC execs don't terminate this beauty. Friday at 9pm on NBC.

Episode 6 of The Wire, which I've already seen. Another brilliant episode, but that mean's we're one closer to the series finale, which just sucks. Omar begins to strike back at Marlo's people, and we see Marlo taking the reigns after Prop Joe died. Freamon cracks the code by which Marlo and his people are communicating, but it will be much harder to actually get a tap on that. Carcetti starts to show the media and Baltimore what he's planning to do about the serial killer who's preying on the homeless....which McNulty and Freamon made up, with some help by Scott Templeton, the reporter who makes up his stories. And now Gus is onto his scent. Sunday at 9pm on HBO.

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The Bod said...

Yo, a real fan would be there to watch the episode at 9. Forget about 101 days until graduation, you have an obligation to see the show in real time.