Monday, June 29, 2009

Round Robin: Team 1 v Team 2

Todd and the Bens vs Dio and the Novas

Very closely contested game with great competitors, Todd and the Bens did not want to quit but they fell to Dio and the Novas 9-7. The Best contributed on all 9 of his teams points, going 7-8 from the field along with 2 dimes. He also added 8 boards and 2 swats. FX added 2 points. The Business looked a little shook up out there on offense, but he provided stellar shutdown defense on The Thief, who went 2-7 from the field. AKA had a rough shooting night as well going 2-8. Litigator shot a little better with a 3-8 performance, but he hadded 7 big boards, 2 dimes and 2 cookies. 8 Bottles looked drunk again. Todd and the Bens 2-1, Dio and the Novas 2-1.

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