Monday, June 29, 2009

TomBall 2009

This past Saturday we had the first real TomBall tournament of 2009. The biggest tournament since 2007 (that one didn't even finish). But that wasn't the big news. The big news was that for the second time (first time in tournament play), outsiders came to ball at The Corner. Four ballers heard about the comp at The Corner, and wanted to test their game. FX and 8 Bottles from Jersey, The Business from Cincinnati, and Rosetta Stone from LI all came to see what the big deal was about. Boy were they in for a surprise. 14 ballers came together to vie not only for the recognition of winning the 2009 TomBall tournament, but to win a cash prize of $150 promised by the owner of The Corner, Dom the Great. Let's break down the teams, then I'll be providing stats along with a tiny summary of the games.

Team 1: Todd and the Bens (AKA, Thief, The Litagator)
Team 2: Dio and the Novas (The Best, FX, The Business, 8 Bottles)
Team 3: Johnny and the Rockets (Rosetta Stone, Pasties, Pearl White, Sooooo Good)
Team 4: Dev and the Wild Things (The Beast, The Horror, DFA/O'DonnellMONSTER)

The format was as follows: Round Robin where every team played the other teams once. Games were to 9 win by two, straight to 15. Then that record determined the seeding in the playoffs. The first round was a best of three series. The championship game was one game to 11 points.

Let's get to it.

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