Monday, June 29, 2009

Round Robin: Team 2 v Team 3

Dio and the Novas vs Johnny and the Rockets

After a career worst shooting game, The Best came out with one of his better games in a while going 5-7 (4 dunks), with 5 boards and 2 swats. FX added a 3-4 performance while 8 Bottles began showing some life, recording 1 point along with 2 sweet dimes. Rosetta Stone had a tough game, going 0-4. Pasties had 3 points and 3 boards while Pearl White had 2 points, 2 boards and 1 dime. Sooooo Good had a tough time getting into rhythm after coming straight in from NYC. Dio and the Novas 1-1, Johnny and the Rockets 0-2.

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