Monday, June 29, 2009

Round Robin: Team 3 v Team 4

Johnny and the Rockets vs Dev and the Wild Things

In what was the game of the tournament to that point, Dev and the Wild Things won a very close game 14-12. Team 3 had an incredibly balanced offensive attack. Rosetta Stone looked deadly from deep going 4-6, along with 2 boards and 2 dimes. Pasties and Pearl White each had 3 points, with the latter also providing 4 dimes. Sooooo Good went 2-2 from the field but was still relatively quiet. The Beast went 8-10 along with 3 dimes. DFA had 3 points and added 7 boards. The Horror had his breakout game of the tournament scoring 3 points (3-4 shooting) and adding 3 boards and 5 huge dimes. This game provided an unprecedented 15 dimes, the highest combined recorded total in TomBall history. Johnny and the Rockets 0-3, Dev and the Wild Things 2-1.

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